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Top Tips for Making A Digital Marketing Report in 2021

A digital marketing report is a presentation or a document that represents data and findings gathered from multiple platforms to showcase the overall performance of your digital marketing strategy. 

The purpose of a digital marketing report is to understand whether the current digital marketing strategies are working or not. It also helps analyze what strategy is working in the brand’s favour so as to optimize existing campaigns and have a direction for future campaigns. 

Here’s an example of a digital marketing report. 

Digital Marketing Report Example

(Source: Venngage)

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Before starting out, it is important to understand the fundamentals of a digital marketing report.

First and foremost, identify your company goals. What is it that you’re trying to achieve? An increase in sales? A rise in clicks? Higher brand awareness? Accordingly, choose your report metrics.

Understand who your key target audience is. Demographics such as age, gender, location, etc. play a big role. 

  • Understand Consumer Needs

Once you’ve identified your target audience, try and look into what it is that your target audience wants. Tailor your communication and position your brand accordingly. 

Understand which KPIs are important to your company or business. Listed below are some important KPIs- Bounce rate, Conversions, Leads, Brand Awareness & Impressions. 

The purpose of any campaign or business is to generate revenue. You need to measure ROI or returns on investment 

Do not include unnecessary information in your report. Stick to important metrics only as it would only confuse the reader.

Let’s have a look at how to go about creating a good digital marketing report. 

1. Defined Goals

The success or failure of any campaign is measured based on the goals that were defined in the initial stages. These goals give the digital marketing report its direction. The key is to analyze the data and compare it to the original objective.

2. Make it Pictorial

Add graphs and pie charts to represent your data. Big chunks of data are easier to consume visually. It adds value to the report and also reflects the effort put in.

3. Campaign Overview

When a campaign report comes in, the supervisor needs to understand the overview. Make sure that you first outline a brief summary of the report. 

4. Include All Channels

Include all the channels you’re using for your marketing efforts. Include social media, paid ads, websites, etc. in your report. A supervisor or client would like to know which medium is working best for marketing.


Include a separate SEO report. Also include SEO goals, results, and what actions were carried out to achieve them.

Check out this short online SEO course.

6. Paid Media Report

If your brand invests in paid media, have a separate section for it.

7. Conclusions

Always include key takeaways and findings. In this way, you’re adding value by adding suggestions for the way forward. 

Course Recommendation – Check out this Google Analytics online course.

Here’s a digital marketing template that you can refer to when writing your digital marketing report. 

Define the goals for the month or year depending on the nature of the report.

Give a brief summary of the entire report in about 2-3 slides. Include the most important metrics. It needs to be concise and easy to go through.

Give a detailed analysis of your current marketing strategy.

If any PPC campaigns were carried out, including all the metrics such as – cost per conversion, Impressions, Click-through rate, ROI & Ad spends. 

If any SEO/SEM campaigns were carried out then include rankings, best keywords, and other such results.

Social media is an integral part of the report. Give an in-depth analysis of all the social media channels. 

Include the results or conversions in the report. 

  • Conclusions and Takeaways

The last leg of the report has to include the conclusion. This will include learnings and takeaways. 

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